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Did you know that…?

Did you know that…?


Mean years of education in Mexico = 8.8


Only 4 out of 10 Mexican students complete high school


Secondary school enrollment rates are almost 20% less than primary school  


Only 11.3% (= 3.5m of 31m) students attend private school in Mexico


Quality of primary school within the overall education system is between 32-33% out of 100%.


The poorest children in Vietnam show higher academic achievement than the richest students in Mexico.


Almost half of all 6th grade students work, resulting in lower achievement than their fellow classmates who do not work.

Challenges to the current education system

Challenges to the current education system


Geographic and financial access for all


Quality of teaching and learning

Goals set by the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico


  • As of 2012, it is compulsory for all children to finish their high school degree.
  • All Mexican children should be bilingual within the next 20 years.


  • Well-researched, multicultural, international, bilingual curriculum focusing on creativity and developing executive functioning
  • Social emotional learning program
  • International, experiences that provide students with a broader multicultural, global view
  • Charge reasonable tuition fees and offer scholarships



  • Invest in and encourage opportunities for in-service professional development
  • Support teachers in attaining a Master’s degree in Education
  • Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages


  • EDUPAM, a non-profit organization, will oversee the management of schools
  • All schools will be secular
  • Use of economy of scale model to keep operation costs low
  • NGO staff includes seasoned personnel with high-level supervisory skills and vast years of experience in education
  • Gain formal international school accreditation
  • Tuition between 1,500-3,500 pesos

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