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We are a civil association founded in 2019, by a team of experienced international educators, who, with vision and reflective sensitivity, came together to contribute and build new possibilities of accessible and high-quality international education for children and young people of limited resources in Mexico.

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Juan is 12 years old. As an immigrant child, he is 1.4 more behind than a nonimmigrant child. He also has 3.2 times the risk of not completing his education.


covid scholarships

Scholarships for children who had to drop out of school due to Covid-19.

Orphanage Support

Support with educational material and therapies for children.


Tech donations

Donations of computers, tablets, projectors, and other technological equipment.

Teacher workshops

Teacher workshops and consultancies.


We are a non-profit organization focused on offering student scholarships, solutions to schools, and educators’ training.

We seek to improve Mexican children’s lives, providing them access to a high-quality international education, the development of Mexican teachers, offering them training at no cost, and developing schools’ infrastructure, bringing investment closer.

The founders of EDUPAM have participated in the founding and evolution of five of the most successful schools in Mexico and three of the best schools in New York. To support the development of education in Mexico, they have decided to create an educational project whose main objective is to provide high academic quality schools for their children.

EDUPAM has brought together some of the world’s most capable and recognized educators to develop a school model that focuses on active learning—learning designed in a clear, intentional, and meaningful way for the student.


  • Mexico has an average of 8.8 years of schooling
  • Only 4 out of 10 Mexican students complete their high school diploma
  • The secondary enrollment rate is almost 20% lower than primary school
  • Only 11.3% of students (3.5M out of 31M) attend private schools in Mexico
  • The achievement of graduate students is insufficient
  • The quality of primary education within the educational system is between 32-33% of 100%
  • The percentage of highly skilled employment is 19% versus 76% of the average skilled employment percentage
  • The poorest children in Vietnam have higher school performance than the best performing children in Mexico
  • Almost half of 6th graders work, resulting in lower performance than non-working students

Pesos raised in fondify

to help girls living in orphanages with their therapies.


of ipads, laptops, scholarships, educational material, courses and workshops.

Scholarships in Puerto Vallarta

Scholarships for the children of fishermen, taxi drivers, tourism workers who due to covid-19 either dropped their income, or lost their jobs, and had to take their children out of school.


40 ipads and computer equipment and 5 chrome books.

100 dreams for education

Donated for scholarships to children who dropped out of school due to covid-19.


Puerto Vallarta,  Guadalajara, and CDMX. Soon in Tijuana.

teachers trained

We have given workshops to teachers in orphanages and schools in Puerto Vallarta.


This past October was our 1 year anniversary and look what we have done with your help! THANK YOU!

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Breaking barriers for an access to education!

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But going to school is not enough; children and teenagers have the right to learn.

- Cármen López

UNICEF Mexican Chief of Education

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