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Imagine being in need of withdrawing your children from school

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We have the power to impact children’s future, and together we are doing something about it.

At EDUPAM, we join the need of a community of parents made up of: fishermen, merchants, taxi drivers, the tourism sector; that want to continue offering their children a high-quality education; which they were forced to abandon due to the economic losses they have suffered due to the health contingency in their work sector.

This scholarship campaign benefits 100 students from this community located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, to continue their studies during the 2020-2021 school year. We have already achieved 80 scholarships! Be part of this initiative helping the 20 who are missing.



At EDUPAM, we have various collaborative action programs, where your support as a volunteer is welcome. We are convinced that we generate change together. For example, you can make financial donations, in-kind or through high-impact investments, as well as supporting distance education and helping children in orphanages in Guadalajara have access to technology and the internet.

Tijuana Immigrants

Juan is 12 years old. As an immigrant child, he
is 1.4 more behind than a nonimmigrant child. He
also has 3.2 times the risk of not completing his education.


100 Dreams for Education was born from the need to support families that have been economically affected due to covid-19 and were in the necessity to withdraw their children from school.

Technological Equipment

Donations of computers, tablets, projectors and
technological equipment.

Orphanage Support

Support with academic material and therapies for children.

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The founders of EDUPAM have participated in the founding and evolution of five of the most successful schools in Mexico and three of the best schools in New York. In order to support the development of education in Mexico, they decided to create an educational project whose main objective is to provide schools of high academic quality for their child

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