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about us

We are a civil association founded in 2019, by a team of experienced international educators, who, with vision and reflective sensitivity, come together to contribute and build new possibilities of accessible and high-quality international education for children and young people with limited resources in Mexico.

At Educación para México Bluhm, A. C. (EDUPAM), we build networks for education. In other words, we act as an association of private schools and other educational organizations, offering comprehensive strategies of high value. All schools that belong to the network can provide, under supervision and training, excellent quality education, and benefit from our support programs.

We are interested in promoting academic staff development, relying on the human factor as a crucial factor in the education process. We seek to optimize the use and design of the school infrastructure to generate inspiring learning spaces.

As part of an inclusive proposal, we have scholarship and support programs to impact families in Mexico positively. Children are the beginning and the end; their formation, a right to which we cannot fail.

Our motivation is the children and young people who live in Mexico, a multicultural, diverse and rich country; children and young people who inherit a present for which we are jointly responsible as a society. At EDUPAM, we make the right decisions for them, remaining attentive, collaborative, and responding with actions to a particular and continuously changing reality.


In the midst of a global pandemic, we are required to rethink learning and training models and schemes; which is an opportunity for improvement to guide and build a healthy, purposeful future full of possibilities where our children and youth can unfold their full potential.

We are legally registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in the United States, so donations in this country are currently tax-deductible; In Mexico, we are in the process of legal incorporation also as a non-profit association.

our mission and vision


Provide high-quality comprehensive education in a multicultural, inclusive, collaborative and healthy ecosystem for children and young people with limited resources in Mexico. Inspire them to integrate universal human values, acquire critical and purposeful knowledge, and develop skills and potential to become responsible and sensitive citizens in a global world.


Support and develop learning organizations that have a favorable impact on the lives of children, so that they can develop skills focused on a full and happy life, generating a positive change in their families and in the global community; through new horizons that provide a high-quality comprehensive education.



  • We believe in the sum of what is different, to achieve what we dream of together.
  • We collaborate in a global world, with international experts, for a common good.
  • We believe that the participation of an active and organized society is crucial to improve the reality of our community.
  • As an educational family, we foster an ecosystem of peace within an environment of diverse ideas.


  • We have clear and open internal and external processes.
  • We render transparent accounts.
  • Our decisions consider the well-being and the learning process of children and adolescents, above any variable.


  • We achieve high standards of education with measurable objectives, due to the planning and experience of the success of our programs.
  • We manage and strategically distribute the various resources.
  • We focus our attention on hiring, training, and motivating the right teaching staff, to collaborate with their full potential and enthusiasm.
  • Through comprehensive education, we promote respect for ourselves, others, and nature, promoting ethical action at all times.


  • We bring quality education to more children in Mexico.
  • We include all children and youth in Mexico, permeating the educational proposal horizontally.

Pesos raised in fondify

to help girls living in orphanages with their therapies.


of ipads, laptps, scholarships, educational material, courses and workshops.

Scholarships in Puerto Vallarta

Scholarships for the children of fishermen, taxi drivers, turism workers who due to covid either dropped their income, or lost their jobs, and had to take their children out of school.


40 ipads and computer equipment and 5 chrome books.

100 dreams for education

Donated for scholarships to children who dropped out of school due to covid-19.


Puerto Vallarta,  Guadalajara, and CDMX. Soon in Tijuana.

teachers trained

We have given workshops to teachers in orphanages and schools in Puerto Vallarta.


This past October was our 1 year anniversary and look what we have done with your help! THANK YOU!

Your donations make a great impact



  • Model School in Tijuana 78% 78%


  • 100 Dreams for Education 80% 80%


  • Therapies in orphanages 50% 50%


  • Donated computer equipment 50% 50%

a message from our directors

Guadalajara, Jalisco, October 15, 2020

Dear reader:

I take this opportunity to send you a cordial greeting; I am Adriana Martín del Campo Jensen, general director of EDUPAM Blumh A. C.

I would love to briefly introduce you to our project to discover what we do with so much love and dedication and how simple and meaningful it is to join us to be an active part of EDUPAM.

As a non-profit NGO, our main objective is to offer high-quality international education at a low cost to children living in Mexico. To this end, we have brought together some of the most capable and recognized educators worldwide, so that together we can design and execute a school model based on active learning; designed in a clear, intentional, and meaningful way for the learner. We seek to discover and help develop each child’s potential in a comprehensive way, accompanying him in his training process, offering him new and attractive development horizons.

At EDUPAM we have various collaborative action programs. Your support as a volunteer is welcome. We are convinced that we generate change together. For example, you can make financial donations, in kind or through high-impact investments, as well as supporting distance education and helping children in homes in Guadalajara have access to technology and the internet.

Did you know that due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, many families are affected, and there are children in danger of dropping out of school? We also have a specific program for them; it’s called One Hundred Dreams, One Hundred Scholarships.

Before concluding, I would like to share with you two questions that have helped us to reflect on our own life concerning education:

Did you have access to quality education? Do you think that was an essential factor for the development and direction that your life took?

I invite you to reflect on education and explore our page so that you learn more about the organization; You will realize the enormous scope that your solidarity action could have in the education of the children of Mexico.

Welcome to EDUPAM!

Adriana Martín del Campo

Adriana Martín del Campo

Directora General


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