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At EDUPAM Blumh AC, we recognize with certainty the trajectory, successes, and experience of our founders, who have participated in the creation and evolution of five of the most successful schools in Mexico and three educational institutions in New York.

Have you ever wondered what motivates a founder to dedicate their work, experience, and resources to the service of others?

Part of our objectives is to place, with authenticity, the student’s optimal development at the center of decisions to consolidate the multiple strategies and achieve international education for children and young people in Mexico.

We have brought together some of the most capable international educators in their area to carefully develop a school model that promotes active learning and achieves holistic skills development, and enabling students to take confident steps towards a more fertile future.


William Stroud

Education Consultant with a Focus on Academic Leadership

William is a founding member of the organization and president of the EDUPAM Board of Directors in the US. He brings his knowledge of leadership development and the design of academic projects.

He has founded three of the most successful schools in New York and advised educational projects in various cities worldwide…

Ricardo Carvajal

MBA with a focus on Finance and Strategic Management

Ricardo is a founding member and president of the Board of Directors of EDUPAM in Mexico. He brings his knowledge on finances of the organization.

He has participated in the design of the financial model of the Thomas Jefferson Institute schools in Mexico. His experience as a partner and financial director brings to the EDUPAM table great expertise in the…

Adriana Martin del Campo

Consultant and specialist in InCLUSIVE Education

Adriana is a founding member of EDUPAM and executive director. As part of the executive team, she is in charge of the design of academic projects for integral education and the operations of the organization.

She was director of the Thomas Jefferson Valle Real Institute in Guadalajara, since its foundation, for six years.  Adriana started and directed two private bilingual…


Makoto Yoshida

Consultant in English Language Math Teaching

Makoto Yoshida was president of the New Jersey Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AMTNJ) in 2017. He is a co-owner of East West Math LLC in Harrison, New Jersey, a center that provides consulting and professional development for math and lesson design, in addition to online courses. He also serves as president of Global Education Resources, which provides consulting services on lesson study and math instruction.

Yoshida helps teachers of this discipline in elementary …

Kate Montgomery

Kate Montgomery
English Language Literacy Consultant

Kate is an education specialist to support English language literacy and critical thinking in challenging contexts.

She spent twelve years developing comprehensive instructional resources and curricula as an executive editor at Heinemann Publishers. She worked with teachers in refugee centers to support the education of students migrating through the Balkans; She was also actively involved in educational…

Eréndira González

Specialist in communication and public relations

Eréndira has a degree in Communication Sciences from TEC. She has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Public Relations, Communication, Teaching, and Admissions. She has worked for educational companies such as Tecnológico de Monterrey and the International Schools Partnership.

She has been trained by completing the diploma in Educational Innovation and certification in Life Coaching with a specialty in Senior Management…

Odette Ramírez


Currently, Odette manages a community action project that provides technological access to children that live in orphanages in Guadalajara’s metropolitan area. In this project, she has found inspiration and a field of professional action. Helping people connect is her passion.

Odette is a graduate of ITESO with a degree in Human Resources. She has gained professional experience as the…

Mónica Salazar

Designer specialist in educational content
Teacher and  GRAPHIC designer

Mónica generates strategies for our social networks and designs academic content so that children from orphanages can continue to learn remotely during the period of social distancing linked to COVID-19.

She was born in Guadalajara and completed her primary education at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara. She graduated in Graphic Design. During her training process, she collaborated as

Pesos raised in fondify

to help girls living in orphanages with their therapies.


of ipads, laptps, scholarships, educational material, courses and workshops.

Scholarships in Puerto Vallarta

Scholarships for the children of fishermen, taxi drivers, turism workers who due to covid either dropped their income, or lost their jobs, and had to take their children out of school.


40 ipads and computer equipment and 5 chrome books.

100 dreams for education

Donated for scholarships to children who dropped out of school due to covid-19.


Puerto Vallarta,  Guadalajara, and CDMX. Soon in Tijuana.

teachers trained

We have given workshops to teachers in orphanages and schools in Puerto Vallarta.


This past October was our 1 year anniversary and look what we have done with your help! THANK YOU!

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