Our Team 

our team

At EDUPAM Blumh AC, we recognize with certainty the trajectory, successes, and experience of our founders, who have participated in the creation and evolution of five of the most successful schools in Mexico and three educational institutions in New York.

Have you ever wondered what motivates a founder to dedicate their work, experience, and resources to the service of others?

Part of our objectives is to place, with authenticity, the student’s optimal development at the center of decisions to consolidate the multiple strategies and achieve international education for children and young people in Mexico.

We have brought together some of the most capable international educators in their area to carefully develop a school model that promotes active learning and achieves holistic skills development, and enabling students to take confident steps towards a more fertile future.


Ken Peterson

Management consultant for major companies and government agencies, including projects for Telmex, Fertilizantes Nacionales, Booz Allen & Hamilton, among others.

Director General, Peterson Schools.

Project Manager; Led the design process for the master plans of the Cuajimalpa,Tlalpan and Paseo Campuses. Participated in overseeing the final designs of most of the major buildings and in the bidding processes and the supervision of the construction of the same. Worked closely with parent volunteers in our construction committees during each project to improve the same and seek better suppliers. 

Community Outreach:  Design and implementation of a Bilingual Education project for the public primary school  “Proyecto Escuela Investigación Educativa” located in Cuajimalpa, Mexico City.

Technology; Championed multiple technology initiatives for their implementation in the Schools, working with key outside suppliers including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dell. 

Ricardo Carvajal

MBA with a focus on Finance and Strategic Management

Ricardo is a founding member and president of the Board of Directors of EDUPAM in Mexico. He brings his knowledge on finances of the organization.

He has participated in the design of the financial model of the Thomas Jefferson Institute schools in Mexico. His experience as a partner and financial director brings to the EDUPAM table great expertise in the…

Adriana Martin del Campo

Consultant and specialist in InCLUSIVE Education

Adriana is a founding member of EDUPAM and executive director. As part of the executive team, she is in charge of the design of academic projects for integral education and the operations of the organization.

She was director of the Thomas Jefferson Valle Real Institute in Guadalajara, since its foundation, for six years.  Adriana started and directed two private bilingual…

Operative board

Erika Morales

Fundraising Coordinator.

Erika is in charge of designing and implementing fundraising strategies and cultivating relationships with our donors.
Here vision is to achieve solid long-term relationships where our donors feel part of the organization.
As well as strategies that allow our sustainability, resulting as a opportunity for a real change in the educational life of children and young people in our country.

Odette Ramírez

Public Relations and Fundraising.

Odette strengthens the fundraising area, focused on campaigns, events and corporate or individual donation networks.

Her vision is to introduce the culture of donation in Mexico so that as a society, we can achieve a real change in the future of children and young people.

Diana Guerra

Director of Programs and Operations at Edupam.

Pedagogue with a Doctorate in Educational Inclusion. Experience in pedagogical design and implementation of programs that address diversity.

She has worked with families, educators and schools through psycho-pedagogical care, training and consulting.

University professor at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Fernanda Ruíz



Fernanda detects and interprets ideas to translate into graphic and creative designs.

Her work is focuses on developing corporate visual systems and identities.

She has been an art teacher for secondary level. She is passionate about creative processes and is characterized by being a practical person.

Marissa Hernández

Coordinator of the finance area.

Marissa handles the accounting area in our organization.

Resource management, payroll, legal procedures, administration and audits.

She has 10 years of experience in schools. She is originally from CD Guzmán, although she has spent a large part of her life living in Guadalajara.